The ROI of Improving Websites – For DSO and MSO groups

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Streamlining Dental Marketing: An ROI-Based Approach with Carenetic

The role of a well-performing website in the dental service organization (DSO) and multi-specialty organization (MSO) industry cannot be understated. While patient care remains paramount, in an increasingly digital world, online presence is integral to the medical business aspect. Often, dental marketing is not given due consideration, which is where Carenetic steps in. Our focus is on optimizing website networks for improved patient outreach and better business returns.


The Importance of Effective Website Networks

Carenetic brings you the concept of a website network – a single, versatile template for multiple custom-coded sites managed in one place. This not only saves you from the chaos of handling multiple logins and CMS platforms but also delivers high-quality pages efficiently and cost-effectively. The goal is to eliminate the marketing nightmares many dental clinics face.


Making a Case for ROI with Carenetic

What about return on investment (ROI), you ask? We understand the concerns about spending on web development. This is why we’ve conducted an ROI study to help illustrate how incremental changes in your website’s performance can significantly impact your business.

Here’s how: Taking the example of a typical dental office location, the average use case is about $1,000 with a gross profit margin of 45% and a customer acquisition cost of around $130. Another assumption for our baseline is this location brings in around 50 new patients from outbound leads and referrals per month.


The Potential for Improvement

With Carenetic’s strategic approach, we predict that:

  1. Revenue Average Increase: Even a minor 1% increase in revenue average will have a significant impact. With a better-quality website, you’re likely to attract higher-quality clients who are looking for better experiences.
  2. Profit Margin Improvement: A well-optimized website can reduce customer acquisition costs, thus improving profit margins.
  3. Improved Conversion Rate and Referrals: A professional website allows potential clients to vet your service more thoroughly, increasing the chances of conversion. Also, those who are referred to your site will be more likely to convert when they find a quality, user-friendly website.
  4. Cost Saving on Website Maintenance: With Carenetic’s support staff and hosting, you save significantly on the costs of maintaining multiple websites. Imagine the cost and time savings when a single change can be implemented across all your locations at once! Read more about our support services here.

Even with these conservative estimates, these small changes could result in an average of an extra $30,000 in net operating income per location. Multiply that by 20 locations, and you’re looking at a substantial increase in profits.

With Carenetic, you’re not just getting a high-performance website. You’re getting a solution tailored to your needs, yielding a return on investment, and significantly reducing headaches for your marketing team. Want to see how we can help enhance your online presence and profitability? 

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*The opinions expressed here are the author’s own and may not reflect the views of all dental offices or medical providers. The numbers provided are averages and are used for illustrative purposes only. Results may vary based on individual circumstances.*


If you’d like your own copy of this spreadsheet to track the effectiveness of your marketing investment, Click Here and make a copy or download for yourself. 


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