Carenetic’s Swift and Efficient Website Maintenance for DSOs: Changes Done in Under 24 Hours



Website maintenance can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with a network of varied sites. As a DSO, the challenge multiplies, juggling different platforms and hosting providers. Carenetic is here to change the narrative. With our dedicated support team, rich in WordPress and web experience, we respond to your requests for changes promptly and accurately.

Why Speed Matters in Website Maintenance

In an era where time is invaluable, quick turnaround is critical. As a DSO with a small marketing team, your resources are limited. Slow response to change requests can lead to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and wasted time. Most DSO’s we come across average 1-2 hours per site per month in maintenance. For larger DSO organizations, this can add up quickly. Carenetic addresses these concerns with its proven track record of swift website updates for DSO organizations managing 10-200 brands.

The Carenetic Blueprint for Website Maintenance

How do we achieve this efficiency? Carenetic combines user-friendly software with a powerful network of websites, allowing quick, comprehensive changes. We provide a tool that administrators can use to highlight changes on specific web pages, alerting our team of skilled web developers to handle your request.

The 24-Hour Guarantee: Carenetic’s Promise

Imagine having most website changes completed within 24 hours. We work hard to make the experience for the in-house marketer seamless and head-ache free. From photo swaps and content updates to company info changes, promotional posts, or logo updates, we deliver swiftly.

Case Study: The Impact of Carenetic on DSOs

Our impact? Consider a DSO that, after partnering with us, saw their website change time reduce from 20-30 hours a month to a fraction of that. We’ve consistently helped organizations reclaim valuable time, allowing them to focus on other crucial aspects of their business.

The Carenetic Edge: Beyond Speed

But speed is not all we offer. Carenetic’s premium web hosting service comes with daily backups, top-tier security, high uptime, and an optional private hosting server. With us, you can trust your website is secure, and your users enjoy optimal performance.


Streamlining website maintenance is possible with Carenetic. We blend expertise, technology, and speed to deliver a seamless experience. Contact us at 480-814-1900 to explore how we can maintain or host your WordPress website.


FAQ Section

Have questions? Let’s answer them.

Q: How much does the service cost?

A: We generally bill website maintenance at $155/hour.

Q: How much does hosting cost with Carenetic?

A: Depending on the size of the DSO, hosting typically costs between $65-95/month/brand.


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