What is a Website Network and Why Should I Care?



In today’s digital era, managing multiple healthcare brands often requires a savvy marketing team armed with the right tools and strategies. A game-changer in this sphere is the concept of a Website Network – a series of interconnected yet distinct websites, each embodying a unique brand identity while operating under a shared backend infrastructure. For Dental Support Organizations (DSOs) and Management Support Organizations (MSOs), this approach offers the solution to various challenges they may face when managing multiple brands.


Understanding Website Networks


Website Networks, unlike a chain of copy-pasted websites, allow for centralized control over numerous sites. It starts with a master template designed in collaboration with your marketing team. This master blueprint is then used to create unique yet interconnected websites for each brand in your portfolio, making acquisitions and updates both cost-effective and efficient.


A Website Network, at its core, is a custom-coded version of a WordPress multi-site setup. It includes tailor-made tools for quick content updates, maintenance, and website creation. This structure allows you to sidestep the costly and time-consuming tasks that come with managing multiple backends, enabling mass updates to be performed swiftly and easily.


The Relevance of Website Networks for Multi-brand Healthcare Organizations


In the realm of DSOs and MSOs, Website Networks play a pivotal role. They serve as the backbone of a marketing organization, integrating essential tools like Patient Management Software (PMS), Customer Relationship Management Software (CRM), and online forms.


With an effectively structured Website Network, you maintain the unique branding of each node while enjoying the benefits of a unified backend. This results in significant time and cost savings, as evidenced by a DSO we worked with that managed about 24 brands. After switching to a Website Network, they cut maintenance time to a tenth and gained the flexibility to carry out high-quality branding and patient experiences, facilitating mass updates for promotions, PPC campaigns, and community events.


Benefits of Utilizing Website Networks


With Website Networks, you enjoy streamlined management and maintenance, enhanced user experience, improved SEO, unique branding, and easy compliance with regulations such as HIPAA, ADA, CCPA, and GDPR.

Each brand can retain its unique identity while benefiting from a uniform, efficient, and user-friendly interface that positively impacts conversion rates. Also, your SEO strategy can be more effectively executed and tailored to highlight specific specialties of your brands.


How Carenetic Can Help Your Organization


Carenetic provides strategic, bespoke solutions for building and managing Website Networks. We collaborate closely with you to understand your specific needs and deliver a solution that evolves with your organization.


Our team of experienced designers and developers work tirelessly to ensure a seamless process from strategy to design, build, and even maintenance. The outcome is a high-quality, high-converting network of websites that reflect your individual brand identities while operating on a shared, efficient backend.




Website Networks are the future of efficient digital management for multi-brand healthcare organizations. They offer a host of benefits, from streamlined management to enhanced user experience and SEO performance. Understanding their structure and potential can significantly impact your organization’s online presence and branding.


Explore Carenetic’s services today and discover how we can help you leverage the power of Website Networks. Our team is ready to support your digital transformation journey and help you achieve remarkable growth and efficiency.

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