Web Accessibility Is Good for All Users


You’re including accessibility features on your DSO/MSO websites to help visitors with disabilities but building an accessible website also contributes to a well-built site in general. Data shows this will benefit anyone who visits.

For example, 50% of people in the United States report using subtitles “most of the time” when viewing content, so when you include captions and transcripts you’re helping more than just users with disabilities.

Here are some examples of people you may not have thought of who will benefit from your accessible website:

  • People with changing abilities due to aging
  • People with temporary disabilities such as a broken arm or lost glasses
  • People with situational limitations such as in bright sunlight or in an environment where they cannot listen to audio
  • People using a slow Internet connection or who have limited or expensive bandwidth
  • People learning a second language

People with Changing Abilities due to Age

Older users who experience age-related impairments such as reduced dexterity, vision changes, or cognitive decline will be grateful your website is accessible. Accessibility features like clear navigation, readable text, and intuitive design can improve usability for this demographic.

People with Temporary Disabilities

People with a short-term impairment, such as someone with a broken arm who is unable to use a mouse, will appreciate the ability to utilize keyboard navigation including skip links. A person with temporary vision impairment will find color combinations with sufficient contrast useful.

People with Situational Limitations

Some website visitors may be in an environment where accessibility features will improve their experience. For example, users in bright sunlight will appreciate sufficient contrast between text and background colors making the website easier to see. Someone visiting your DSO site from a place that is noisy or where they can’t use audio will find captions or transcripts helpful and a bonus for you is the captions boost your SEO.

People with Connectivity Issues

People who use your website with limited bandwidth or slow internet connections will have increased satisfaction on your website when you offer reduced file sizes, compressed images and minimal use of heavy media files. Optimized content will improve performance and give this group a smoother browsing experience.

People Learning a Second Language

Users who are not native speakers of your website’s language may find accessibility features such as clear and simple language, as well as text alternatives for non-text content, helpful in understanding the content more easily. Additionally, translation services on the site can aid in a better experience for the user.


An accessible website is simply a well-built website. When your DSO website includes elements like clearly labeled buttons, alt text for images, and easy to view color combinations, you create a better online experience for everyone.

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