How to Upgrade Your Recruiting Efforts with a Simple Change on Your DSO or MSO Website


Recruitment is a vital (not to mention difficult and expensive) process for any Dental Support Organization (DSO) or Medical Support Organization (MSO). The traditional approach often involves redirecting potential candidates to a separate HR website, which can be clunky and less user-friendly. In today’s blog post, I will share insights from a video we recently published that demonstrates how you can enhance your recruitment strategy by making a small yet significant change on your website.


Keeping Candidates on Your Website


The Problem with External HR Sites

Most DSOs and MSOs link their job listings to external HR websites. The issue with this approach is that it disrupts the user experience. Candidates get directed to another platform which usually lacks the branded feel of your company, and may be less user-friendly or visually appealing.


The Solution: Embedding Recruiting Software 

By embedding your recruiting software right into your company’s main website, you can offer a seamless experience for potential hires. This approach keeps candidates on your website, giving them a richer, more cohesive experience as they learn about career opportunities at your organization.


Enhanced User Experience

Advanced Search Features

One of the major benefits of this approach is that candidates can search by various parameters like location, company, job type, and even specific positions. This makes the job-hunting process much more intuitive and efficient.


Detailed Job Listings

When a candidate clicks on “apply now,” they continue to stay on your website. The form that pops up is drawn from the HR software but keeps the candidate rooted in your branded website environment. This consistency improves trust and encourages candidates to complete the application process.


Analytics and Data


In-Depth Tracking

With this setup, you also gain robust analytics capabilities. You can track how potential hires are interacting with your job listings without relying on third-party data. 


Heat Maps and Conversion Rates

For even more advanced insights, you can install heat maps to track which areas of the web page users interact with the most. This data allows you to fine-tune the process, identifying where potential hires might be dropping off and why.


Flexibility and Transparency

All these features add up to provide significantly greater flexibility and transparency in your recruitment process. You get a detailed view into how candidates are engaging with your brand, and the capacity to make data-driven improvements.


Implementing the Change

Carenetic can help with this kind of change on your website or you can hire any skilled web developer to embed this feature into your existing website. It takes a little bit of expense to get it built correctly but the return on that investment is worth it.



Incorporating your recruiting software into your DSO or MSO website not only improves the candidate experience but also provides valuable analytics for your team. If your recruiting software offers this feature, don’t hesitate to integrate it into your website for a more seamless, informative, and professional recruiting process. 

If you need more guidance on this, feel free to reach out to us at any time. Happy recruiting!

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