How It Works

Custom Meets Scale

The Traditional Approach

In most DSO and MSO groups, the creation of websites typically follows a cookie-cutter approach: a single template serves as a master copy, which is then duplicated across new installations.

 This method, however straightforward, comes with a host of limitations that can impede efficiency, growth, and any ounce of personality or brand your organization might have.


One change over 20 websites is 20 changes! Improvements have to be iterated and made over time - that can be expensive.

Several logins to manage

Without a central admin, forget about monitoring all sites at once.

No flexibilty & bland corporate feel

Components are not usable across sites. Each new site must be built to match the original, thus the uniqueness of each brand is lost.

Carenetic does it different

Efficiency isn’t just a buzzword for us. 

The Carenetic platform is engineered to provide multi-brand healthcare groups with the best of both worlds: custom, high-performing websites delivered with efficiency and easy growth options.

Whether you’re aiming to maximize your current marketing spend or streamline the acquisition process, Carenetic has the capabilities to support your objectives with ease.

at scale

One change over 20 websites is one change. This is true for everything except minor content changes - but those are usually very fast.

admin login

Access all the sites in one dashboard under one login. Continue to assign individual site access as needed.

unique branding & unified framework

Components are interoperable and inherit the styles of the website they're being pasted into. Each site feels unique but with a unified backend framework.


As an example, a DSO client with 24 different brands in their portfolio was able to consolidate their different websites on different CMS platforms that they inherited through acquisition. 

The new website network allowed them to streamline analytics, easily onboard new online scheduling, and reap the benefits of A/B testing across several partner sites to optimize performance. 

As you can see below, each site feels different and unique to the brand, but is very similar in structure and approach to benefit from economies of scale.

“Carenetic really took the time to understand my practice’s goals and what patients are looking for. My website is bringing in more patients and current patients love the new features.”


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