Don’t Hire a Headache: How Carenetic’s Expert Project Management Makes the Daunting Task of New Websites for DSOs and MSOs a Breeze



When we work with clients to rebuild their network of websites, we can often see their eyes widen with anxiety and see them take a deep breath. There’s an immense trust they’re placing in us that we can actually pull through (we always do) and that their next few weeks aren’t about to get wrecked by a nightmare vendor. Building a new website network comes with its fair share of challenges. From understanding the complex technical requirements to the time-consuming administrative tasks, web development can be daunting. However, after 15 years of making WordPress sites and WordPress Multi-sites, we like to think our approach to project management is not like the average agency.


The Role of a Project Manager at Carenetic

Traditionally, the role of a project manager is seen as delivering projects on time and within budget. While this is essential, Carenetic believes that a project manager can offer so much more. Our project managers redefine the concept by delivering a hassle-free experience. They are your trusted partners from start to finish, bringing in experts when needed and facilitating a seamless process.


The Carenetic Process

Our strength lies in our process – a refined model that we’ve enhanced and streamlined over 15 years. Here’s a sneak peek into how we work:


Expert identification and involvement

We involve the best minds relevant to your project, ensuring optimal results. While the PM has seen a lot of projects and generally knows the best practices, they are smart enough to know when an expert is needed. 


Detailed meeting agendas

We’re not here to waste your time or ours. If we’re meeting, we plan to make it effective. Regular meetings for the sake of meetings are not a good time for anyone. No joke, we have a template for every type of meeting to hold to make sure we don’t miss crucial details.


Automated project setup

We embrace automation to eliminate time-consuming administrative tasks. Have I mentioned we hate wasting time? This was made using automation back when I didn’t know what I was doing but it still works like a charm. Make is an automation software that connects apps so that you can eliminate time wasting administrative tasks. For us, one button and our entire systems and process are set up, tailored to the client. 


Efficient content gathering using Content Snare

We respect your time. Hence, we use innovative tools like Content Snare for content gathering instead of tedious Zoom calls to get admin info. 


Constant alignment with the project goal

Your goal is our guiding star. We constantly align our strategies and tasks to your project’s objective. We put it at the top of every agenda. When changes come up, we challenge them against the goal of the project we originally set. Internally, we call this Hit the Target. 


Comprehensive launch and post-launch checklists

The launch process can be very stressful and if the agency isn’t careful, can incur unnecessary downtime. To ensure no detail goes unnoticed, we follow an exhaustive checklist for project launch and post-launch phases.


The Carenetic Advantage: Making the Complex Simple

At Carenetic, we simplify the process of web development. But don’t just take our word for it. Hear it from our satisfied clients who’ve experienced a headache-free journey while building their website networks with us. 

“[They] were great to work with and made the process so easy. I was worried this would be a bit of a nightmare but it was seamless.”


Carenetic’s expert project management turns the complex task of building a new website network or multi-site into a smooth, hassle-free experience. By employing a refined process, leveraging efficient tools, and focusing on your project’s goals, we ensure that your website network development is not just another headache. We can’t guarantee there won’t be bumps along the way, but we’ve pretty much seen it all and can guide you through the entire process. 

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