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We’re finding that its very common for a Dental Service Organizations (DSO) or Management Service Organization (MSO) to find themselves tangled in a web of complexity managing their online presence. Many inherit a scattered approach involving multiple web vendors, varied hosting services, and inconsistent maintenance practices. This post is an attempt to outline in writing what I originally went through in a walkthrough video.  I think that a streamlined, consolidated web approach through Carenetic is the better path for most organizations.

The Problem: A Fragmented Web Ecosystem

Healthcare organizations typically juggle multiple web vendors, each with their own contracts, servers, and security standards. This disjointed setup not only complicates routine web management tasks but also raises concerns over security, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Maintenance fees accumulate without visible returns, finance departments grapple with irregular billing cycles, and marketing teams struggle with limited after-hours support (or any timely response at all). The result is a convoluted, inefficient web ecosystem that hinders rather than helps.

To be clear, not all web vendors are bad. What’s apparent to me in this industry is not all are set up to manage ongoing support, hosting, and maintenance at scale.

The Carenetic Solution: Simplification and Expertise

Carenetic addresses these challenges head-on by offering a comprehensive, single-point-of-contact service for all web operations needs. With a team of senior developers specializing in healthcare websites, Carenetic provides a seamless, consolidated web management experience. Whether it’s hosting, maintenance, or development, our US-based team ensures high-quality, secure, and responsive service.

Making the Switch: A Guided Journey

Switching to a consolidated web operations model can be daunting, but Carenetic makes the transition smooth and straightforward. Before making any changes, ensure you have full access to your domains, hosting, back-end systems, and analytics. Carenetic advises securing your intellectual property rights in writing to avoid any future disputes. Our team is ready to assist you every step of the way, from technical negotiations to transferring credentials and assets.

Why Choose Carenetic?

Expertise in Healthcare Web Operations

Specializing solely in healthcare websites, Carenetic brings unparalleled expertise to your digital strategy.

Consolidated Web Management

Simplify your web operations with a single point of contact, eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple vendors.

Custom WordPress Development

Carenetic builds WordPress sites that are secure, customizable, and portable, ensuring you’re never locked into a service you’re unhappy with.

Transparent and Flexible Services

Whether it’s a site we’ve built or one inherited from another developer, we’re equipped to enhance and upgrade your web presence with transparent pricing and flexible solutions.

Your Partner in Digital Excellence

At Carenetic, we understand the pressures marketing professionals face in the healthcare industry. Our mission is to alleviate the burden of web operations, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: delivering exceptional healthcare services. By partnering with Carenetic, you gain just that, a partner. We treat your business like we would our own.

Not sure if we’re a good fit? Reach out and let’s see if it makes sense for us to work together. For the first DSO or MSO exec to read this sentence and DM me on LinkedIn, Carenetic will donate $100 to the charity of their choice – if this sentence is still here that means its still available.

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