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Any multi-brand healthcare marketer is going to know that while the website is a small percentage of their overall budge, it touches nearly every aspect of their marketing strategy. Because Carenetic is solely focused on website networks for multi-brand healthcare groups, we get to see all sorts of brands and softwares make their way through our systems. This allows us to provide an unique experience to these DSO and MSO groups. Not only can we integrate whatever you need, we can tell you what works and what needs some help.

Why We Are Brand Agnostic

For us, the value is in the ROI for overhead costs and website performance in what we provide. One software doesn’t rule them all. As a result, we’ve built our system in such a way that allows for nearly any embed or API integration to work well in your website network as a whole. 

We’ve even made it possible that some locations can have one software while others have a different one. Obviously there are efficiencies in consolidating your tech stack but that’s not always the reality at the time of the build. 

Tailoring Your Website to Your Needs

At Carenetic, we understand that every organization has unique requirements. That’s why we offer a diverse range of software integration options to cater to your specific needs. Whether you require efficient patient form management, seamless scheduling capabilities, advanced call tracking, or a chat bot, Carenetic has the expertise to integrate it seamlessly into your website network. Our goal is to ensure that your website functions as a comprehensive and efficient hub for all your digital operations. 

Often, we will seek to make the software look good natively in your website network rather than relying on the software provider’s out of the box branding that can clash with the look of your site and be jarring to a user.

Showcasing Success Stories

Seeing is believing. Let’s delve into some real-life success stories where Carenetic’s software integration prowess has yielded remarkable results. 

Example 1 – Nexhealth Scheduling Integration

One example is our collaboration with Nexhealth, a leading healthcare software provider. By seamlessly integrating Nexhealth’s powerful tools into our clients’ websites, we have witnessed tremendous improvements in their operational efficiency, patient engagement, and overall growth.

Example 2 – Solution Reach Chat Bot

Another example is the inclusion of a Solution Reach chat bot and integration. We made this feature easily accessible to toggle on and off per location as some sites in the network didn’t have this in their practices yet. Additionally, we styled the chat button to match the site.

Example 3 – Clearwave Scheduling, Intermittent Brand Placement

Finally, this client was using Clearwave scheduling software that connected directly to their Patient Management System (PMS). In this case, we just allowed them to install the iframe for the scheduling where needed as they preferred that for tracking purposes. This isn’t always advised but it was what this client needed and we obliged. 


In and of themselves these examples aren’t the most exciting or impressive. But I wanted to show 3 different softwares in different industries even, that show we can make whatever you need happen. At the end of the day, Carenetic is full of expert web developers. We are builders of powerful tools. Your website should be a powerful tool that empowers your organization to thrive in the digital landscape. With Carenetic’s software integration expertise, you can bring together the best software solutions to create a cohesive and high-performing website. From patient forms to scheduling, call tracking, and beyond, Carenetic ensures a seamless integration experience. Don’t settle for subpar website performance when you can leverage your favorite software to enhance your online presence. Reach out today for an evaluation of your tech stack and how we can make it work better for you in your website set up. 

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